Friday, January 29, 2016

That's a Wrap!

Happy Friday from my new niece, Olivia Louise Conceison, born on January 17th.
She's sporting her Red Devils hockey sweatshirt!  

  • Information went home today about the class baskets for the Toast to Memorial on March 5th. We are contributing to a coffee/tea basket. 
  • Congratulations to this week's Wall of Fame winners!  
  • Fifth graders will be showing their ice skating skills next Thursday, Feb. 4th. at 9:10 at the Burlington Ice Palace. All families are welcome! 
  • Everyone did an excellent job on their compliments. I was very impressed by their thoughtfulness. We will be having a Friendship Celebration on Feb. 12th in honor of Valentine's Day. More info to come!  

Math: We started Topic 8 this week. This topic is about the order of operations, evaluating algebraic expressions, and recognizing patterns. Check out this video to remember the order!  

Social Studies: We went to the computer lab today to start our Glogster project. Each student is in charge of researching a colony and then creating an advertisement for their colony. Here's what we have learned so far. Talking tidbits: reasons for settling in colonies, differences among southern, middle & New England colonies

Students used alphaboxes to keep track of important vocabulary while going through the 13 colonies presentation

Reading: We began a unit on theme this week. We discussed common themes in literature and then used various picture books to determine the theme and provide evidence from the text. Talking tidbits: What was one of the themes from Teammates?

Writing: Students worked on comparing and contrasting Hatchet with the movie "A Cry in the Wild." They used the RAFT strategy to write about Hatchet this week. They took on the role of either Brian's parents or a news anchor to report what has happened in the time Brian has been missing. 

Enjoy the weekend! 
-Ms. Conceison- 

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