Friday, January 15, 2016

That's a Wrap!

  • Burlington High School offers seniors the opportunity to participate in an internship during the fourth quarter. I am very excited that we will have a BHS senior as an intern in our classroom. She will be coming to meet the class on Tuesday. 
  • Congratulations to this week's Wall of Fame winners!  
  • Ms. Bannon and Mr. Peterson shared how great the kids are doing at skating. Thanks to all of the parent volunteers. The kids are having a blast! 
  • Information went home today about the compliment books. We will be celebrating friendship on February 12th, which is right before Valentine's Day. Rather than bringing in valentines, each student will receive a book filled with kind words from classmates. Please take a look at that notice.

Math: We started Topic 7 this week. This topic is on dividing decimals. Fact fluency is very important during this unit. Students must be doing Reflex math 3 times per week. Question to ask: Can you sing the Decimal Shuffle?

Social Studies: We are gearing up for our biggest unit, which is on the Revolutionary War. Prior to that, we will be discussing European settlements in North America. 

Science: We had our test on vertebrates today. We used to review yesterday. I know that everyone studied hard and their grades will show. Question to ask: What organ does a reptile use to breathe? Hint: It's not a nose!

Reading: We are nearing the end of Hatchet. I've warned the kids that there are a couple parts coming up that might turn their stomachs! We have been talking about the themes of survival, man vs. nature, and man vs. himself.  We have also been working with character traits and figurative language throughout the book. Question to ask: What caused Brian to change from "old" to "new"?

Writing: We did some work with verb tenses this week. I am always encouraging students to revise their writing to improve it. Next week, we are going to work on some Hatchet writing. Students will play the role of either Brian's parents or a news reporter and tell the story from that person's perspective. 

Enjoy the LONG weekend! 
-Ms. Conceison- 

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