Friday, December 18, 2015

That's a Wrap!

  • Winter break begins next Thursday. Wednesday is a full day of school.
  • The holiday book swap is on Wednesday, December 23rd. Please see previous post for more info.
  • Today was Benjamin Landry's last day at Memorial. We wish him the best of luck! 
  • Congratulations to Angelina, Lukesh, Amber, and Paul for being nominated for the Wall of Fame. Each of these students demonstrated tremendous bravery this week. 
  • Great job to fourth and fifth graders at the winter concert!

Math: We are working on Topic 6, which is all about multiplying decimals. We've been using money to talk about this concept. You can ask your child questions like, "If this loaf of bread costs $3.49, how much would 3 cost?"

Social Studies: Our explorer projects are finished! The students did a great job presenting them. 
Jessica did a great job presenting her project. 

Student took notes on their "explorer cards" as their classmates presented.

Arshiyah taught us a lot about Christopher Columbus! 

Science: We began our classification unit this week. Ask your child to sing the Five Traits song. We also did an activity demonstrating the complexity of a food web. Ask your child the difference between a food chain and a food web. 

Ava acted as the sun- the center of the food web. 

I got caught in the middle! 

Our wetland ecosystem- who consumes whom?! 

Reading: We are in the middle of Hatchet right now. We are identifying figurative language, themes, problems and solutions while reading this intense book. Ask your child what happened to Brian when he ate the "gut cherries." 

Writing: We are working on setting personal goals, as well as others around school, family and friends. The students are putting these goals into a piece of writing about the new year. 

Enjoy the weekend! 


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