Friday, February 12, 2016

That's a Wrap!

  • Thank you to those of you who sent in some items for the coffee/tea basket. All items are due by Feb. 23rd.
  • Congratulations to this week's Wall of Fame winners!  
  • Send all baby pictures and kindergarten pictures to by Feb. 26th. Remember that it does not have to be the school K picture-- any picture around that age.   
  • The students earned a class reward, so we celebrated with a friendship photo shoot. We used the green screen in the library and we will be putting some cool backgrounds on our pictures when we get back.
  • Thanks to Ms. Bannon & Mr. Peterson for organizing the skating program. Everyone did an excellent job. 
Fun in the snow at recess 

Compliment books to celebrate friendship.
Enjoying our compliment books 

Barack was stylin' 

Double glasses for Matthew! 

Fun with friends! 

Silly faces

Math: We had our test for Topic 8 today. We will be beginning topic 9 after vacation. Students will be adding and subtracting fractions. This tends to be a challenging unit, but I know students will persevere. 

Acting it out to solve a word problem
TIPS strategy

Social Studies: Students have been researching their colony, taking notes, and creating a Glogster presentation to advertise their colony.  I can't wait to show you the final products! Talking tidbits: What is the most interesting thing you've learned about your colony so far? 

Which introduction sentence is more enticing? 

Reading: We have been working on differentiating among the 5 different types of non-fiction text structures: description, compare/contrast, problem/solution, cause/effect, and chronological order.  Talking tidbits: As you read any non-fiction text, maybe the newspaper, see if you can ask your child what type of text structure it is. Also, ask what this little phrase means: 

We used newspapers to determine the text structure of the articles.

Text structure detectives! 

Writing: We continued our Hatchet writing this week. They used the RAFT strategy to write about Hatchet this week. They took on the role of either Brian's parents or a news anchor to report what has happened in the time Brian has been missing. 

I hope that you find some time to be THIS relaxed during the week off!

I hope your February vacation is filled with laughter, fun, and relaxation! 
-Ms. Conceison- 

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