Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Camp Bournedale & Camp Eagle recap

Everyone had a great time at Camp Bournedale and Camp Eagle last week . The students who went to Camp Bournedale learned about the effects of toxins on animals in the Costal Ecology class, dissected a shark, went on a lobster boat, and used teamwork skills during project adventure. The students at Camp Eagle dissected a squid, spent some time at Fox Hill, planted mums in the garden, and did project adventure with Ms. Bannon. 
Both of these camps were successful thanks to the chaperones at Camp Bournedale, Mr. Musselman, and Ms. Bannon.

Darrin welcoming the campers

Shark dissection! 

 Spider crab

Teamwork was needed to get everyone over the wall.

Thanks for a fun couple of days! 

Squid dissection at Camp Eagle 

Expert planters with Ms. Bannon 

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